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Watt and Water Intersection Press Release

On Friday,  June 3rd a sink hole developed at the intersection of Watt and Water Streets. Upon excavation by the Chillicothe Utilities Department, a void of approximately 6’ x 12’ x 6’ was discovered and upon further investigation was determined to be the result of a 21 inch gravity sewer collapsing at a depth of 24 feet. Engineering estimates that this sewer drains approximately half of the City.

Recent heavy rain events have caused further collapse, exposing a storm sewer and water main in addition to clogging 145 feet of the 21” sewer line. The Utilities Department has preemptively installed valves on the water main to ensure no disruption of water service and have a contractor onsite for by-pass pumping the sewer blockage in order to not flood basements. We are currently evaluating the most efficient and speedy repair of the collapsed sewer. We have asked City Council to declare an emergency and allow the Utilities and Engineering Departments to move forward with a contractor to make these significant repairs as they are beyond the level of repair we can do in house. It is anticipated that because of the severity of the repairs necessary the work could take two to three months. We will work to keep the public informed when we have updates. Utilities, Service, Engineering, Police and Fire Departments are working in cooperation to expedite the repair and maintain safety. There is no anticipated disruption to water or sewer service in the area.

35 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, OH 45601


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