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Zoning Code Update

Project Information

About the Project:
A planning and zoning code update will occur over several months and, when complete, will offer a modern and easy-to-read set of development regulations for Chillicothe. The code update aims to balance quality of life and preserve Chillicothe's unique character with economic development and the vision of the City's future from the Choose Chillicothe Comprehensive Plan. The process will include three key phases of work, each with various community engagement and outreach opportunities.
  • Educate: This phase is dedicated to learning about Chillicothe and how the current Planning and Zoning Code is organized. Research and engagement activities will be conducted to discover issues, challenges, and code sections no longer applicable to Chillicothe. This research period will also identify how zoning districts need to be modified to meet the vision articulated through the Choose Chillicothe Comprehensive Plan and where stakeholders feel the current code can be improved.
  • Drafting: This phase will involve drafting each chapter of the new Planning and Zoning Code. Based on the analysis performed in the Educate phase, the draft will be divided into three logical sections to facilitate better stakeholder engagement.
  • Adoption: Once the Planning and Zoning Code is in complete draft form, all chapters of the draft Planning and Zoning Code will be assembled into one complete document incorporating all comments received from the CAC and members of the public to date. This complete draft will be posted on the Engage Chillicothe site, online open house via SeekBeak, and the City's website for review by public members.

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The Project Team:

  • A critical part of the success of this code update process is the participation of property owners, residents, business owners, and other stakeholders in the community.
  • ​​To ensure that the code update process considers the ideas, concerns, and suggestions of the broader community, three different groups of community members will assist the consulting team in developing and reviewing the deliverables.
  • Code Advisory Committee (CAC): The CAC will collaborate with the American Structurepoint team to guide the process and ultimately decide the direction of the final draft of code updates.  
  • Project Leadership Team: The project leadership team, City of Chillicothe city officials and staff, will serve as liaisons between the Code Advisory Committee and the broader community.
  • Project Stakeholders: The project stakeholders represent a wide array of community interests, including major employers, developers, community organizations, residents from all wards, and leaders.
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