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Zoning Code Update

Zoning Code Update

The City of Chillicothe has partnered with American Structurepoint to update the Planning and Zoning codes. Led by project manager David Baird, JD, AICP, the American Structurepoint team brings a wealth of planning and zoning law and practice to the project as well as in-house resources in the disciplines that inform an effective and community-tailored development code, such as economic development, engineering, architecture, and landscape architecture. To learn about American Structurepoint, visit https://www.structurepoint.com/.

Updating and modernizing the City's zoning and land use codes is a top priority to come out of 2023's Choose Chillicothe comprehensive planning process. The planning and zoning codes are development regulations that govern the use and type of activity that may occur within the City's specific geographic areas, or zoning districts. The codes impact all development activities outside of roadway right-of-way, including grading, signage, construction, and the subdivision of land.

The goals of the code update are:

  • To implement the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan and other planning efforts
  • To ensure conformity with State and Federal Law and applicable case laws
  • To employ modern best practices
  • To support regulations, policies, and processes that are efficient, predictable, and easy-to-understand for city staff, developers, and residents alike
  • To account for new land uses
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