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2019 Street and Alley Paving

The 2020 street paving project is about to begin!  G&J Paving won the bid to pave our streets this year with Gary Gillum Construction installing the handicap ramps.  The handicap ramps will be installed first and that is happening right now (June) and will continue until complete depending on the weather and the contractors schedule.  Paving will begin once the handicap ramps are in place.  We will post updates on our Facebook page.

Streets to be paved this year are as follows:
  • Arch Street - Yoctangee Parkway to Delano Ave.
  • Belmont Court
  • Central Ave.
  • Cherry Street
  • Cliffside Drive
  • Enderlin Circle - From the Water Department (Back Road) to Mill St.
  • Ewing St. - East Main St. to East Fifth St.
  • West Fifth St. - Paint St. to South Walnut St.
  • East Fourth St. - Bridge St. to South Hickory St.
  • Highland Ave.
  • Jefferson Ave.
  • Johnson Road - Keller Rd. to 600 ' East
  • Mead Dr.
  • Monroe Ave.
  • South Mulberry St. - East Fourth St. to East Main St.
  • Nelson Dr.
  • Northview Dr.
  • South Poplar St. - East Main St. to East Fourth St.
  • East Second St. - North Bridge St. to Cutright Dr.
  • South Sugar St. - Eastern Ave. to 120' South of East Seventh St.
  • Sunset Dr.
  • Wissler Ave.

35 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, OH 45601


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