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City / County Plans

Active Transportation 
“Active Transportation” is an umbrella term for all the ways people can get around without using a
personal motorized vehicle – walking or biking, using mobility assistance devices (such as wheelchairs
and scooters), skating or skateboarding, and more. Physically active forms of transportation play a
crucial role in improving community health. Supporting active transportation is one way that communities can help make the active choice the easy choice for their residents, by providing comfortable, activity-friendly routes to everyday destinations. Active transportation can provide many community benefits, even beyond personal mobility, such as public health, economic development, quality of life, and environmental quality. In order to obtain these benefits, it is important to invest in the infrastructure and programs that support active transportation; developing an Active Transportation Plan is a first step towards that investment.

Active Transportation Plan

Coordinated Transportation Plan
Transportation is a critical component of the communities in Ross County. Transportation provides
access to jobs, education, health care, human services and allows all community members, including
older adults and people with disabilities, to live independently and engage in community life. It is the
purpose of this plan for local stakeholders to work collaboratively to do identify all community transportation resources, identify and prioritize community transportation needs, and establish a clear plan for achieving shared goals.
Coordinated Plan

Comprehensive Plan

The City of Chillicothe underwent a yearlong process to develop a citywide comprehensive plan, Choose Chillicothe, to guide the community and decision-makers over the next ten to fifteen years. Public engagement was fundamental to this process with hundreds of residentsstakeholders, and community leaders contributing their energy and ideas to make Chillicothe even better.  The end result is a 73-item action plan that is backed by the community and implementable. The plan will be utilized in decision-making processes throughout the city in both the public and private sectors. Strategic topics include future land uses, transportation priorities, economic development, infrastructure needs, and the redevelopment of areas such as the Riverside District, the Tiffin Property, and Yoctangee Park. The plan was adopted by the Planning Commission on January 18, 2023. 
Comprehensive Plan 

Community Health Assessment
A community health assessment (CHA), also known as community health needs assessment (CHNA) is a comprehensive data collection and analysis process designed to inform communities on top health needs
and priorities to drive effective planning that results in positive change. The 2019 Ross County CHA was developed by the Partners for a Healthier Ross County, a collaborative of more than 15 local agencies, all dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of its community members.
2019 CHA Executive Summary

Community Health Improvement Plan
The 2020 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is Ross County’s roadmap to address the many
health challenges in our community identified in the 2019 Community Health Assessment (CHA). The CHIP is a tool to strengthen local efforts to improve health and well-being for those in Ross County. 
The CHIP’s main components are:
• Focus on health priorities areas to improve overall health.
• Utilizing evidence-informed strategies to improve health outcomes and services.
• An evaluation plan to track, report, and analyze progress.
2020 CHIP

Affordable Housing Study 
On January 1st, 2021, Ross County Community Action Commission, in partnership with the Hope Partnership Project and Adena Health System, hired a professional firm to conduct an assessment and evaluation of the City of Chillicothe’s and Ross County’s current inventory of affordable and special housing. The requested scope of work also included an assessment of housing gaps and an analysis of socio-economic conditions that contribute to housing challenges in the region. Additionally, the firm asked to perform the evaluation was asked to conduct a market analysis, including analyzing poverty rates, evictions, foreclosures, tax delinquency and other housing related metrics.
Affordable Housing Study

Healthy Outcomes Zoning Audit
Through funding from the Ross County Health District's Creating Healthy Communities grant, this report provides a review and analysis of the zoning ordinances of the City of Chillicothe with regard to
community health. There are many factors influencing health outcomes related to the built environment,
and those described below are most directly influenced by zoning. This report compares these key factors
to the current zoning code and provides recommendations to better align city regulations with the goal of
achieving a healthier community.
Healthy Outcomes Zoning Audit

Thoroughfare Plan
In 2021, the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission (OVRDC) and the Ross County
Commissioners retained Carpenter Marty Transportation (CM) to complete an update of the
Ross County Throughfare Plan.  This 2021 Thoroughfare Plan update provides Ross County, the City of Chillicothe, and OVRDC with updated data which can be used to support infrastructure investments and prioritization in the future. The plan update includes a review of key demographic data in the County, stakeholder and public input, updated mapping, and an access management plan.
Thoroughfare Plan
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