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Comprehensive Plan

View the full Comprehensive Plan HERE. Hard copies may also be viewed at the Chillicothe and Ross County Public Library.

The City 
of Chillicothe underwent a yearlong process to develop a citywide comprehensive plan, Choose Chillicothe, to guide the community and decision-makers over the next ten to fifteen years. Public engagement was fundamental to this process with hundreds of residentsstakeholders, and community leaders contributing their energy and ideas to make Chillicothe even better.  The end result is a 73-action plan that is backed by the community and implementable. The plan will be utilized in decision-making processes throughout the city in both the public and private sectors. Strategic topics include future land uses, transportation priorities, economic development, infrastructure needs, and the redevelopment of areas such as the Riverside District, the Tiffin Property, and Yoctangee Park. The plan was adopted by the Planning Commission on January 18, 2023.

Twenty of the plan's 73 actions were identified by the public and Steering Committee as actions most important to the city's success. The following priority actions are listed in order of importance based strictly on community input.

4.8 Improve Yoctangee Park with outdoor event space
4.4 Host festivals and events in civic spaces
6.13 Develop a street and sidewalk maintenance schedule and asset management program
3.1Create a residential rehabilitation program
6.10 Obtain Bicycle Friendly Community status
3.5 Support organizations in creating half-way housing and shelter locations
3.2 Support senior housing and aging-in-place improvements
2.5 Create an age-friendly strategy
5.6 Create an all-inclusive neighborhood improvement program
6.12 Study expansion of the trolley
3.6 Incorporate rental housing into area plans
7.6 Host an annual planning summit
4.3 coordinate signage standards with regional entities for Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks
2.6 Map, database, and monitor city infrastructure and assets
1.1 Update and modernize the city's zoning and land use codes
1.10 Define an annexation policy
2.7 Conduct an analysis to consider construction of a new fire station in the North Bridge Street corridor
5.1 Establish a workforce strategy build around advocating for talent development and quality of place initiatives
5.7 Accommodate evolving and hybrid businesses
7.5 Conduct procedural training with appointed boards

Steering Committee Presentations
Meeting 1 – January - An introduction to the Choose Chillicothe plan process. The Steering Committee shared a little about themselves and offered up what they thought were Chillicothe’s greatest opportunities. The planning team explained what can be anticipated, a description of the Steering Committees’ role, and the importance of having a plan document.
Meeting 2 – February - The Steering Committee met to learn about key existing conditions in the city and region. Topics included but were not limited to land use, demographics, transportation, walkability, parks and recreation, economics, public health, and more. The group previewed the first round of public engagement’s activities and discussed ways to best reach all facets of the community.

Meeting 3 - May - The Steering Committee met to review and discuss the input gathered at the Let's Chat! workshops. Draft vision and goals statements were tested and discussed at length. The plan's structure, vision, goals, objectives, and actions were reviewed. Lastly, small group work was done around large maps to envision the future of land use throughout the community.

Meeting 4 - June - The Steering Committee weighed options for the second round of public input and the desired goal for participation. Draft plan elements were tested with the Steering Committee before being included in the public engagement. The Steering Committee provided feedback on a draft future character area map, draft plan actions, and more. 

Meeting 5 - December - The Steering Committee met to review and discuss the input gathered during the second round of engagement. After having the document for one week, each member was able to share their thoughts about the draft plan. The area plans were presented and discussed. The group shared feedback on implementation time frames, responsible entities, and organization. 
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