Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson
Interim City Engineer
Office: 740.773.8981
Fax: 740.779.6476
Building Department
Office: 740.773.8980
Fax: 740.779.6476
Deborah Engelman
Administrative Assistant
Irene Newberry
Engineering Technician
Jim Tribby
Engineering Technician
Jeff Taborn
Electrical Inspector

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Building & Engineering Department


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The City Engineering Department is separated into three functional sections: engineering, building, and traffic control.

The Engineering section is responsible for the planning, design, project management, and inspection of city public work improvements under its direction. It is responsible for the design of traffic control signals, signs, and street markings. The engineering section also provides consultative assistance to other city departments and the Planning Commission. Work efforts extend to the Utilities Department for improvement to the Water and Sanitary Sewer systems, the Parks and Recreation Department for new and proposed facilities, and during the last seven months of 2013 provided leadership in the Safety & Service Departments, Police, Fire and Service by providing solutions to their operational, personnel, and long range planning issues. The section does plan, review and inspections for subdivision development. It also maintains and develops city maps, plans, zoning maps, and infastructure maps. Maintenance and operation of the local flood protection project (floodwall and storm water pump stations, storm water permitting, and oversight of maintaining the closed landfill) falls within the jurisdiction of the engineering section.

The Building section enforces the City of Chillicothe zoning codes, flood plain, residential and commercial building codes. The section registers contractors which require a general liability policy, compliance bond, and workers' compensation. The section reviews and approves construction plans, inspects the actual construction and issues occupancy permits upon approved completion.

The Traffic Control section is responsible for the maintenance of the traffic control system including traffic signals and street markings. We also provide design assistance to the Service Department personnel assigned to maintaing signage. The city electrician also assists in maintaining and upgrading the electrical systems of city buildings and facilities.


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